Stardust School of Dance: Bertie the Ninja Dancer

Authors: Zanni Louise


Title :

Five Mile

Paperback / softback

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Dance with your heart and reach for the stars! Stardust is a small dance studio in a modest suburban hall, which radiates light and hope for the neighbourhood kids. It’s a place to belong, to dream and to dance! Each book follows the daily life of one of the young dancers as they move through the challenges of family, friendship and growing up, all against the backdrop of dance. Readers 6–10 years will fall in love with Bertie, Lulu, Priya and Edmund and their heart-warming, funny stories beautifully told by award-winning children’s author Zanni Louise. Bertie Black has just moved in with her new step family, but it doesn’t feel like home. She spends her time practising cool ninja moves, until the sound of music carries her to Stardust School of Dance. She is offered a role as a dancing shepherd. But will Bertie take her ninja moves from the shadows to the stage? If she does she might find a real home at Stardust. But will she take the leap?

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