Trick Shot Trevor

Authors: Amy Adeney

ILLUSTRATOR: Peter William Popple

Title :

Five Mile

Paperback / softback

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"Nine-year-old Trevor’s absolute favourite thing is trick shots – watching them, doing them, planning them. He knows that his online trick shot channel is going to be bigger than big – as soon as his parents allow him to start one! Until then, he’s working on creating a fabulous collection of videos so that as soon as he’s old enough to put them online, he’ll be ready. Every week, he works on perfecting a new skill or talent, and turning it into a super awesome video. Which would be a brilliant plan, if only life didn’t keep getting in his way! The drama of the story is found in the struggle between what Trevor thinks he wants (to be a famous trick shotter) and what he knows is the right thing to do in his daily life. This is a story about chasing a big dream, but at the same time coping with the big feelings that arise from everyday experiences."

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