Lucy, Dr Quack and the Beast of Antioc

Authors: Chris Fitchett

Title :

Five Mile

Paperback / softback

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Disaster strikes when Lucy finds that her mother has disappeared in the most mysterious of circumstances. With the help of the wildly eccentric Doctor Quack, Lucy sets off on an epic quest to Beyond the Blue Horizon, to find her. On their mission they meet all sorts of wonderful characters, including the Gobbledegook of Death whose long-winded stories can literally bore you to death, and Selkie Sue who is half-seal and half captain of a rickety old sailing boat, crewed by her first mate, Pete, a feisty old pelican who thinks he is a pirate. Lucy also has to confront Dr Quack’s nemesis, who has foul breath and razor-sharp teeth; the dreaded Beast of Antioc! Lucy, Dr Quack and the Beast of Antioc is a rolicking adventure from an exciting new voice in Australian fiction. It will take all their might to solve the mystery and find Lucy's mother. Do they have what it takes to crack the case?

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