The Thieving Collectors of Fine Children's Books

Authors: Adam Perry

Title :

Five Mile

Paperback / softback

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When Oliver is thrust into the middle of his favourite book, it's up to him to save the day! Oliver Nelson has a secret: He's a book thief. This wouldn't be a problem-after all, no one visits the local public library anymore-except the Pribbles, two wealthy inventors and book collectors, have taken a sudden interest in one of the books Oliver stole, and his attempt to return it ends in disaster when the book is instead tossed into a garbage truck. Soon, Oliver is sucked into the Pribbles' latest invention, a virtual reality device that will allow them to take the book's plot straight out of his head. Now Oliver must assist the main characters on their quest-all while avoiding giants, bats, eels, and, of course, the Pribbles-in order to escape. This is a fast-paced, funny tale set in the not too distant future that features an amusing cast of characters and will not let you put it down!

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