Love You to Death

C format paperback
ISBN: 9781743461266
Published: August 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 326pp
Specs: 234 x 153 mm



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Wealthy Melbourne businessman Chris Soteriou had a life to die for.

Handsome, filthy rich and highly driven, the successful entrepreneur’s lavish lifestyle of fast cars, designer clothes and luxury holidays was topped only by his perfect family – including a beautiful, sexy wife who swore she loved him to death.

Investigative journalist and author Megan Norris, author of the bestselling On Father’s Day, unearths the sobering tale of a man whose only mistake was giving his heart to the wrong woman.

  • A shocking trail of deceit, betrayal, sex and lust
  •  Includes 16 pages of graphic photographs
  • The full story behind the case that shocked  Australia
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