On Father's Day

Author: Megan Norris
ISBN: 9781743002506
Published: October 2013
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 400 pages + 16 pages picture section



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When Robert Farquharson’s car veered off the road in 2005 and into an icy dam following a Father’s Day access visit, the terrible impact of the tragedy on his former wife, Cindy Gambino, made headline news around the country. But while Cindy struggled to come to terms with the loss of her three little boys, in what her ex-husband maintained was a dreadful freak accident, a more sinister picture soon emerged which would spark one of the most controversial, high profile and protracted legal cases in Australian criminal history.

Investigative journalist and author Megan Norris has meticulously chronicled this case, which spans seven years, two trials and three appeal hearings. Combined with her observations of Cindy’s painful journey as she attempts to rebuild her life after the murders, the book is being hailed by police and family violence experts as a valuable insight into the motivation and the legacy of revenge killings committed by vengeful fathers to punish mothers for ending relationships.

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