F2 World of Football: How to Play Like a Pro

ISBN: 9781911274445
Published: February 2017
Imprint: Blink
Extent: 192
Specs: 246 x 189 mm

'The F2 are unbelievable what they do is not possible!' – PELE


We're The F2 and this is our World of Football. Inside we give away the biggest secrets of the greatest footballers on the planet. Want tricks like Neymar? Or to hit freekicks like Ronaldo? Or to dribble like Messi? We show you how. We've been travelling the world, meeting the biggest stars, like Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, Mesut Özil, Pelé and Stevie G, and now we give you the lowdown on what they're really like, and how they got their edge. We'll also let you in on our journey from aspiring pros to YouTube superstars with over 10 million followers. Want to know how to become a social media star? That's inside too.


Sales points

  • In 2013, an audit on the sport by Gemba found that 1.96 MILLION Australians were actively involved in the game as a player. The FFA statistics have Australia’s football community at a whopping 7.5 MILLION and growing fast.
  • The F2 Freestylers are the most watched freestylers on YouTube, with nearly 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
  • Jeremy and Billy are also the most followed freestylers on Twitter, with nearly 200K FOLLOWERS
  • They also average 1.3 MILLION VIEWS on their Facebook page
  • The F2 are extremely connected and their contact book is full of global forestalling superstars, including Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo. That’s a little black book we’d love to get our hands on!