The Fox and the Wild

ISBN: 9781760405274
Published: March 2017
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 40
Specs: 265 x 228 mm

Fred is a city fox.

The city is a scary place for a fox like Fred. It's noisy, its smoky and it's often dangerous.

One day Fred sees a flock of birds flying away over the city roofs. "Where do they go?" he wonders. And so he sets off to find the wild.

All the other city animals say that there is no such place, but Fred knows better.

Or does he?


Sales Points

  • A new picture book from Clive McFarland, writer and illustrator of A Bed for Bear
  • A bold, collage-based graphic artwork style with hints of Chris Haughton and Peter Brown
  • An animal adventure story with subtle environmental messages

About the author

Clive grew up in Northern Ireland before taking a ship to England to study art and design. He works with paint, crayons and cut paper to create his textured illustrations, and brings everything together digitally