This Bear, That Bear!

ISBN: 9781783706280
Published: March 2017
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 40
Specs: 247 x 287 mm

In this colourful, energetic story, Little Bear and his dad enjoy a fun day out at the bear parade.

Who will Little Bear see at the bear parade? Will it be 'This bear, that bear, likes to wear a hat bear?' One thing's for sure - the day will be full of surprises! A joyous celebration of bears in all shapes, sizes and styles. 


Sales points

  • A bright, simple picture book for a young age group (2–5) that captures the excitement and energy of a parade.
  • A new illustrator with a knack for bears of all types; this book is a celebration of teddy bears in all their different shapes, sizes and styles.
  • A simple and galloping rhyming text that is fun and easy to read aloud.