Text Fails from Mum

ISBN: 9781911274414
Published: May 2017
Imprint: Blink
Extent: 224
Specs: 176 x 110 mm

A collection of hilarious texts from mum, that will have the whole family laughing.


Technologically challenged, clumbsy thumbsy, whatever you want to call it Mum's have the tendency to text you cringe worthy dialogue. Whether this is because they haven't yet mastered the 21st century phone or because they live to embarrass you throughout all forms of communication, Text Fails from Mum, is a hilarious collection of our all time favourite texts from Mum.


Please stop changing the google logo so much, I like the original one.

Mum I don't change the logo. Google changes it.

On my computer, you don't run the Google?

If I did I wouldn't be driving a 2004 Ford.


This humour gift book is the laugh out loud answer to the annual conundrum what should I get Mum for Christmas, Mother's Day and her Birthday? Text Fails From Mum is the perfect stocking filler, and a gift all the family can relate to and enjoy.