Stencil Fun for Everyone at Easter

Paperback (Concealed spiral-bound)
ISBN: 9781760402570
Published: February 2016
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 10pp text + 10pp acetate (5 sheets) + 4pp front/back cover + 2pp sticker sheet
Specs: 240 x 240 mm


Celebrate Easter by creating your very own Easter-themed wrap, cards, activities and decorations using the stencils and stickers inside this book.

You’ll find an Easter sticker sheet inside and five stencil sheets you can use again and again.  

Stencil Fun for Everyone at Easter includes:

  • Stencil for Easter Bunny Mask
  • Stencil for Easter puppets
  • Alphabet stencil
  • Stencil for Easter-themed cards, bunting, paper.

There are hours of Easter fun to be had, stimulating kids’ creativity and imagination!

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