Say Hello

Author: Jane Cabrera
Board Book (Foam Padding)
ISBN: 9781760405168
Published: December 2016
Imprint: Templar
Extent: 10 spreads
Specs: 200 x 200 mm

When the sun appears it’s time to wake up! Say hello to lots of noisy animals that MOO and OINK and CROAK as the sun comes up.

When the Moon is up, it's time for bed! Give a goodnight kiss to all the baby animals. Meet lots of noisy animals that HOOT and BARK and MIAOW when the Moon comes up.

Say Hello is a stunning board book on thick paper with padded covers. With simple, rhyming text and bold, contemporary artwork from bestselling author/illustrator Jane Cabrera, this appealing book will be firm favourite for toddlers.