Barbie Starlight Adventure Colouring and Activity Pack

Activity Pack
ISBN: 9781760401740
Published: September 2016
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 1 Colouring Book (24pp text + cover) + 1 Activity Pad (16pp text + cover) + 1 pack crayons
Specs: 275 x 210 mm

Based on the movie!

Meet Barbie – a hoverboarding champion who lives with her dad and her pet, Pupcorn, on a planet called Para-Den. She’s smart, honest, caring and can also move matter with her mind when she sings!

One day, Barbie is called upon by King Constantine to help his mission to save the stars. Can Barbie and her friends Prince Leo, Kareena and Sheena, and Sal-Lee save the universe?

Complete your very own intergalactic quest with Barbie and her friends with this interstellar Activity Pack!

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