Murder in the Family

C format paperback
ISBN: 9781743468227
Published: May 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 288pp
Specs: 153 x 34 mm



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Murder in the Family explores fifteen cases where families have been torn apart by murder. The saddest thing about the stories in this book is the fact that the perpetrators and victims once loved each other… The stories include:

  • The chilling murder of Darcey Freeman, thrown off the Westgate Bridge by her father.
  • The story of Susan Freeman, who hired a hitman to drown her husband .
  • Afghani lawyer Zialloh Abrahimzadeh settled his wife and three children in Australia, and then never let them enjoy it.
  • Rachel Pfitzner killed her two-year-old. His body was found in a suitcase, in a lake by school children.
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