Love & Food at Gran’s Table

ISBN: 9780473307264
Published: March 2015
Imprint: PQ Blackwell
Extent: 372pp
Specs: 200 x 260 mm


Inspired by her own beloved grandmothers and their collective belief that “food made with love is the best kind of all” Natalie Oldfield has embarked on a very personal journey to collect the stories and culinary wisdom of over 60 grandmothers from Australia and around the world.

Grandmothers have their own very special brand of benevolence. Their tables are magical places where lasting memories are created. Regularly laden with beautiful home cooked food, they are at once a place of gathering, a place of sharing and laughter, and a place where family, friends, neighbours, and community come together.

Love & Food at Gran’s Table brings together over 120 tried and true recipes; simple, wholesome and delicious food created with love by grans who spend every day caring for others, and in doing so bless generations of people.

Because the love we learn from our grans is a special kind of love — and food made with love really does taste better.

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