The Coaches - The Men Who Changed Rugby League

ISBN: 9781743465660
Published: July 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 288pp
Specs: 234 x 148 mm



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Rugby league has entered an era when the coach generates as many front bar debates as the players. How did they come to command paydays and status equal to those of their star players?

In Jeff Apter’s inimitable and fast-paced style, the book traces the evolution of the rugby league coach, back to the humble era of the captain-coach, and charts the careers of the legends, as well as the superstars of the modern era.

  • Weaves an entertaining and fast-paced story around both the iconic legends and the instantly recognisable modern masters: Gibson, Bath, Churchill, Masters, Bennett, Stuart and Bellamy
  • Indispensable reading for all rugby lovers and sports nuts.
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