ISBN: 9781760409890
Published: March 2018
Imprint: Echo Publishing
Extent: 288
Specs: 153 x 234 mm

Find happiness in your life and relationships with the seven principles of connectedness.

In a world dominated by electronic communications, instant messaging, online identities and busy lives, we are losing touch with each other and our relationships are lacking real meaning. Most of the problems we face today are directly related to our inability to connect emotionally with each other. Rates of depression and anxiety, isolation and loneliness, relationship conflict and neighbourhood complaints are at an all-time high.

It’s in our nature to relate and connect with each other. Yet very few people know how to connect on an emotional level. They just don’t have the skill to create authentic and meaningful relationships. This book shows how.

Closer creates a practical framework for establishing a good relationship with yourself, and amazing relationships with others, by tapping into the emotional needs that underlay all interactions. It provides a unique way of tapping in to the unconscious drivers behind the relationships you want to improve, repair or strengthen. Using this understanding of emotional needs the reader can improve their own and others’ satisfaction in the relationship. The framework is easy to learn and can be implemented immediately for positive results. It’s a highly effective way of significantly improving personal and professional relationships.