Author: Martin Holmen
ISBN: 9781760067496
Published: September 2015
Imprint: Echo Publishing
Extent: 352pp text + cover
Specs: 153 x 234 mm



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Stockholm, the 1930s.

Former boxer Harry Kvist makes a living chasing bad debts and looking for runaway girls, and has a penchant for sex with both men and women.

When Kvist is wrongly accused of murder, he is forced to navigate the shanty-towns, speakeasies, brothels and contraband stores of Stockholm’s underworld, in a desperate search for the only person who can save him.

Torn between his broken past and his desire to survive, between his pride and his misery, Kvist risks his life in a violent quest for justice.

Gritty, stylish Scandinavian noir from one of Sweden’s hottest emerging authors.

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