200 Women

ISBN: 9781760408183
Published: October 2017
Imprint: Echo Publishing
Extent: 400
Specs: 230 x 297 mm

An extraordinary book about equality founded on 200 original and diverse interviews with women from around the world

You can’t empower women without listening to their stories – Gloria Steinem

Famous and unknown, celebrated and marginalised, rich and poor, black and white, leaders, victims, survivors, heroes, saints and sinners. Women who will educate and inspire us, teach us empathy, and bring positive change in a time when so many women and girls are still fighting for basic freedom and equality.

•Set to become an international publishing event
•200 Women is an extraordinary book inspired by a global longing for gender equality
•Accompanied by a multi-platform exhibition in Sydney and Melbourne, sponsored by Westpac as part of its 200th anniversary
•200 Women will launch an unprecedented “talking circle” where each one is equal and each one belongs; a circle inspired by truth and wisdom that is ever connected, and ever evolving
•Each interviewee will be asked five standard questions about what really matters in their life, where they find happiness and pain and what they would change in the world if they could
•The multi-media exhibition will launch in Sydney in October 2017
•Supported by a dedicated website and range of social channels conceived to share stories from the project and to encourage women and men around the world to join the “talking circle”
•Underpinned by a philanthropic heart with a royalty pool of 10% of the originating publisher’s revenue will be distributed to organisations devoted to protecting the rights of women and to individuals in need