Brunette Lenkic & Rob Hess

Brunette Lenkić is a teacher and freelance journalist whose lifelong interest in sport – as a player, umpire, coach and spectator – led her to research the history of women’s Australian Rules football. She was the driving force behind the ‘Bounce Down!’ exhibition, held at the State Library of Western Australia in 2015, which celebrated 100 years of the women’s game. Brunette lives in Perth, where her daughters play for the Coastal Titans Women’s Football Club.


Associate Professor Rob Hess is a sport historian with the College of Sport and Exercise Science, and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living at Victoria University. He is the former president of the Australian Society for Sports History and the current managing editor of the discipline’s foremost journal, the International Journal of the History of Sport. Rob has a longstanding interest in the history of Australian Rules football, especially the development of the women’s code.

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